"There are always two people in every picture.. the photographer and the viewer" Ansel Adams

Assignments. This is where you will check each week to see what we are doing and what you will need to do.

August 15 - 19: Introductions and work flow orientation

1 Start sketchbook assignment on the design elements:line, shape, color, value, texture, space. Find three good examples of each in magazines.

2 Take photo in the style of the pictures below and fill out the form for the express yourself page.Print at home if you can. Here is an example from the American Express Ad of Tina Fey's response...be prepared to share with the class on Wednesday. Look up Annie Leibovitz and write a few paragraphs about the interesting aspects of her life as a photographer. Find one or two images you like of hers and print them out to put into your skb.

Don't forget to bring your digital camera charged to the next class! With a card reader or cord to upload your photos.

Understanding the work flow: Week One focus

1 wiki ( course info and your portfolio page), drop folder (your photos organized according to assignments) and flickr (storage of best photos)1 Sign onto wiki page
2 Photo challenge two good examples of each element /line,shape,color, texture,space and value in drop folder in a folder entitled
"visual elements" relabel "line1.jpg" and "line2.jpg"
3 Sign up on flickr and join your group! Make a set.
4 Post a "first photo" on your wiki page

Know your cameras!
Draw a diagram in your skb of your camera notating the different buttons and what they do. Together with others answer the following questions
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Try this online SLR camera simulator bookmark this page
August 17 and 19: Getting to really know and use your camera. Posting to wiki and flickr.

Put a first photo on your wiki page. Be sure to change the resolution so that it loads quickly.
Week's Sketchbook assignments: (these will be checked periodically) we will do the following in class.
1 Draw a clear and accurate diagram of your camera (multiple views) notate all functions. Deselect time and date function!
2 In you sketchbook write definitions of what these functions mean!
3 Read these articles on camera settings and notate what you have learned in your skb

#3 Week's Photo assignments
Join the Flickr group ISB Digital! Add a photo from your elements series. Make comments on at least two others in group!
Flickr group theme: play upload one into the flickr group
Take a close look at Nagl's photos of objects.
Take pictures of simple things around your home and at school being mindful of the elements of art in the style of Andrew Nagl . http://www.acphoto.net/Things/things.html
Drop the photos you took by the end of this week in the drop folder (create a folder named "things") then choose and edit and name 3 of your best. Add your favorites onto Flickr (you can post other photos as well). Put three on the wiki pages using tables ( I will show you how in class)

In your skb write a reflection on what you have learned so far be thoughtful and specific

Flickr for the weekend: Breakfast upload one into the flickr group

Sketchbooks are to be passed first class after the weekend.

August 29 - Sept 2 Working with Composition / Learning how to take powerful photographs!

Create 5 folders in your drop folder and put 5 good examples of each of the following compositional techniques:
Rule of Thirds http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ENHKjb8ltAM&feature=related
Leading Line
Different points of view http://tinyurl.com/45x8h2v
Reflections , shadows and silhouhette http://www.photozz.com/fizz/8344328.aspx http://tinyurl.com/2b7mtb8

Week's photo assignments
take photos using the five compositional techniques above. Start by describing your world being mindful of the "rule of thirds"
Remember to add your flickr and flickr group three photos a week and to comment on at least three other group members' photos.Your contributions are given a grade.
Weekend flickr assignment is "cup"

Voicethread: Join Voicethread in class. If you haven't already personalize your "identies" with your own icons. If you do not have a photo on the VT please submit another photo to me next class.

Andrew Nagi commented on Twitter on our Voicethread "things" inspired by his photographs taken a year ago! "chance favors the connected mind.
external image Feb17-1-2_normal.jpg
andrewnagl: Oh my god that made me so happy! The images are fantastic! The students really got my style spot on! This means a ton. Thanks a bunch.

Week's skb assignments
Reflections: if you haven't already be sure to write a few sentences in your skb at the end or after each class to confirm what you are doing in class, name vocabulary and techniques used, photographers or sites met and what you are learning.
Read each one and take notes to better understand the concepts presented.
Read this article to reaffirm your understanding of the basics. Write a summary in your skb/blog
and finally click on photo tips and then the 12 top tips

Sept 6-Sept 8 Complete Part 1 of compositional folders

Week's sketchbook / blog assignments:
Reflect with examples on what has been most helpful from the six compositional techniques
Remember to add your flickr and flickr group three photos a week and to comment on at least three other group members' photos.This is given a grade.
Flickr to group: Theme is moon festival
Read how flickr changed two woman's lives and they are now authors of a popular photo book

Personalize your "identity" and make comments to at least three photos on the class Voicethread "things"


Sign up on the Yarmouth High School's Yarmouth Maine USA's photo site

Sept 13-16 Complete compositional folders: PORTRAITS!

Read http://digital-photography-school.com/10-ways-to-take-stunning-portraits and notate the 10 techniques in your skb or blog

Week's photo assignments:
This weeks photo assignment is to begin to take portraits using five of the techniques explained in the article. #1Take an environmental portrait like our express yourself (Leibovitz) style of your family members. Surroundings tell as much about the people as the portrait. If they are not present use props and photos be creative. #2 At least one of the photos is a self portrait that you could as an avatar on facebook or another social network. Choose your best 5 (must have one environmental and one self) using the techniques mentioned and drop in your drop folder. Choose 3 to upload onto your wiki page (title/name technique and resize). Upload the ones you like onto flickr! We will have a class critique

Flickr theme this week is Chinese Object take photos of typical chinese objects upload 3 and comment on 3. Pay attention to background (not distracting) (you now should have 9 images on the flickr group page)
Collaboration: Comments please

Yarmouth High School in Maine has put up photos. Hit the "photos" tab on the ning and give comments to at least three students from Yarmouth whose images you think are noteworthy. Please make thoughtful comments on at least two of the photos in the VT using the photographer's vocabulary and your developing understanding of good composition.

In your skb

reflect on the week completing the compositional folders, beginning the work on portraits

Sept 19 to 23 Finish Portraits and begin lightpainting
Week's photo assignments:
Portrait assignments must be complete after Tuesday's class. 1 environmental portrait of your family 1 creative avatar of YOU and three others using the techniques defined in the article. Upload onto wiki, flickr and the family portrait will go to YHS.
Week's sketchbook assignments

Read through the wiki page on lightpainting. Make notes of the history and technique of lightpainting with images in your skb. Explain ISO. Try to find out how you can create long exposures on your camera

If you have any flashlights bring them with you to class.

Flickr theme: fall

SKB/ blogs are due at the end of the week !!

Sept 26 -30 Lightpainting
Week's photo assignments
lightpaintings ! Draw, create a portrait and ghost three responses each minimum
In your groups edit your lightpaintings and title the ones you keep. You will put 3 on your wiki space in a table. One will be a portrait.
Extra credit for any lightpaintings done outside of class... let me know.
On flickr upload some of your favorite lightpaintings and put 3 more photos onto the group. Comment on 3 other peoples's work,

Comment on at least three portraits using the visual language of composition that we have been learning.

Oct 11 and 13th Assess and begin Masters Unit

Please put up at least 3 of your best photos to date on the Yarmouth High School Ning site. Go to your page and upload. http://yhsartdept.ning.com/ Comment on the photos that you see on the site that appeal to you.
Continue to post on the flickr group. You will not get any credit if you do not.This week's theme is "color"
Read this helpful and notate on your blog. It will help put history of photography in context
Photo assignment
Work on your presentation(in the voice of your photographer) as described in the Master's unit and take photos in the style of your photographer once you understand his/her style
The presentation of your master photographer is due the 14th of October
To avoid a "0" please upload "home" to the flickr blog asap

October 17-21 Masters Unit

Master presentation due, photos in the style of of your photgrapher are due for Monday Oct 17
Drop them in the masters folder asap!
Upload those photos to the flickr blog and 3 onto the wiki page.
(First make sure that the full resolution image is in your drop folder)
Fllickr group photo is color

October 24- 28 a busy week!!

In class:
Master presentations all week!
SKB or blog:
Reflect on the masters presentation: what/which photographer did you fine interesting and or inspiring? Put up/print out one or more photos some from your photographer and some that you did in response to his work.
Write about your exploration of school and home for the students in Yarmouth Maine.Answer the following...
What do you think is important that they understand about where you live and go to school?

Week's photo assignments: Yarmouth video about our lives in Beijing, Shunyi and at ISB!!
take photos that have to do with your school life and life outside of school. These photos will be collected and made into an imovie and sent to the students at Yarmouth High. They are sending us a similar video so that we get a better idea of what their environment / school/homes are like. Here are the areas that they are interested in so take your camera with you and capture well composed shots! due Oct 31!
ISB environment/ musics/classrooms/ dining hall/school fashion
home/neighborhood/city environment/ architecture/parks/shops/own room/pets/bikes/Beijing
Flickr group:
your home environment

October 24 -28 Complete history of photography unit and begin photojournalism video

Wiki Page
Make certain to have a folder in your drop folder titled Master Responses Drop your three photos in the style in it. Make a table of three and put it the photos on your wiki page with a title
SKB / Blog
Put your blog address on your wiki page!
write about your thoughts after seeing the BBC video The Genius of Photography What surprised you? Don't forget to reflect upon your lightpaintings and the masters presentations with photos!! Stay up to date with your reflections!!

Week's photo assignments

Continue taking pictures of school and home for Yarmouth. and begin to think about how we will put them into a cool video.

Bring in your permission slip to leave the campus

Flickr group (be certain that you have all your responses in a folder in the drop folder as well)

Extra credit!!

to any student who visits the following photo shows at either Three Shadows in Caochangdi or The Opposite House in Sanlitun Village
Bring in a postcard or a photo taken while there as proof !! They are great shows by contemporary photographers that expand our idea of how
photography influences our lives today.

Skb / blog will be turned Oct 31!

Oct 31 - Nov 4 Complete video for Yarmouth

Skype with YHS D Block ..Finally meet the students who have been making comments about your work Wed Nov 2 at 8:30 sharp (they will be at their school at 8:30 at night!)
SKB/ Blog
Write a reflection in your skb/ blog about this session. What was interesting? and what could we do next time to make it even better?

Hot off the presses.. here is Yarmouth's video in response to our questions... very comprehensive. I think students did separate sections and then put them all together.

Nov 7 - 11 Finally The Village
Bring your coats to class and your camera fully charged. Be sure to put these photos into your drop folder in a folder titled "the Village"
Write a reflection and post at least one of your photos onto your blog/ skb page after every trip ask yourself is their a masterpiece amongst all the photos that you took
Weekend photo assignment ! dual assignment (Yarmouth is doing this too)
Take a photo out your window but the challenge is to make it interesting! Keep them all in a folder entitled Out the window
  • To visually communicate your surroundings to an audience who knows little about you;
  • To push your creative problem-solving skills by photographing within a limited area.
Photograph at least 10 images

Post to flickr group and to your Ning page:
  • 1 strong image that describes (a photograph transforms what it describes) out of your window.
  • In your skb or blog
  • Explain what you see out your window. Use as many descriptive words as possible so the viewer can really understand what it must be like to look out of your window. Use at least 4 compete and thoughtful sentences in your explanation.

Flickr and Blog
Upload at least 10 of your best images from the village onto flickr and create a set/ album that you will then put onto your wiki page.
On your wiki page make a table of three and post your three best photos from the village.

Nov 14 -18

Complete your photojournalist group assignment!! 10 Photos out the window in the drop folder

Nov 21-25 Finish up group project, artist visit, reflections and assessments and begin Photoshop!

professional visit today!

Finnish Photographer Kata Ruohtula is going to show us her work from the village!

SKB/ Blog:

After reflect on what you thought was interesting in what she said and showed in your blog/ skb then

Complete the following village photojournalist assessment on your blog or in your skb:

Check that your collaborative project is in the finished village folder and in a PDF format!

FInal Unit: Recreating Reality with Photoshop. Culture clash

Your task make a folder in the drop folder "photoshop"
Using photoshop we will select images from your own in the village and at home and some from scenes from Yarmouth to weave together a visual statement about the similarities and differences in these places.
Photoshop practice:
Begin by creating a melon head from the parts found in your drop folder. This simple exercise will help you understand the most importand PS tools.
Culture Clash images from previous years:


Photoshop History: Look it up and write down the important info. Who was it that designed it/ dates etc
Look at handout for Culture clash and begin to gather the images that you will use.

Flickr group
Look at the families dinner series and take dinner pics at home or amongst your friends

Culture Clash Assignment

Thoughtfulness counts!

Nov 27 - Dec 2 Photoshop culture clash

begin cc document size is A3 and 200 resolution
Skb/ blg
Check out the tutorials below and find 2 things or more of interest in each and notate what you have learned in your blog/ skb
Photoshop controversy

Final tasks:
Put completed your completed culture clash in drop folder/ onto flickr and flickr group/ onto wiki page
In your skb
Write a paragraph on the clash/ YHS/Bai Xin Zhuang and Beijing. What were you trying to communicate about the similarities and differences. What was your most used photoshop tool? Do you think you were successful and why?
Finally: Think about the semester in digital imagery class. How has your attitude towards photography changed? What was the most meaningful learning while in this course? In what way have your photographs improved?
Check out the final checklist to make sure you get the grade that you want!

Skb/ blogs are due last class on Thursday Dec 8!

It's been a pleasure being your photo teacher! Have a restful and fun holiday... and don't forget your camera!
Ms Farrell