Single objects


Compositional techniques

Rule of Thirds

Point of view



Leading Lines

light painting



I chose this photo to represent my improved photography, this is because this photo shows the many techniques i have learned in the part lessons. In this photo the rule of thirds, so instead of taking a photo of the whole leaf i decided to only take a photo of the one side of it. I also used leading lines, as you can see the veins lead out to the left side of the photo. I also used point of view in this photo, instead of just taking a photo form above i took a photo from underneath the leaf. I then changed the position of the leaf so you could see the sun peaking up behind the leaf. I also changed the camera setting to macro so that you could clearly see the veins of the leaf, and also so that the background would blur so the photo wouldn't be to busy. I like how the peaking sun kind of outlines the leaf creating a good contrast. The most important thing i learned is the different functions of my camera, this way i actaully know what certain buttons do, that can help me take better photos.

Photos in the style of

Karl Blossfeldt

The Village

Culture Clash
I choose to combine 2 images from Yarmouth as my background; they were a little small at first, so i had to filter it to not make it look so blurry. There were so many aspects of these two different sculptures that i could have clashed, but i decided to mainly focus on animals. I thought that the tool i used most was changing the opacity, of the photos. Then on top of that i placed the top part of a church from Maine, it shows the religion of the city, in front of the church was a tree, with a squirrel on it. I decided to add a bird also taken from Yarmouth, then i added a picture taken a in the village a of a traditional Chinese bird cage, to show the difference in cultures. Under the church i placed an elephant sculpture, which contrasted from the rest of the photo as it is very bright. On top of the church i placed a flower also taken from the village to contrast with the elephant. Even though they are both bright, you can tell that the rose has some dust and cobwebs on it, again contrasting the two cultures. Near the top of the photo I placed a Chinese traditional dragon, and a bird with similar colors. To contrast with that i placed a Chinese kite, to show the difference of what you would find in the skies, of different cultures. Close to that is a Chinese fish flag, taken in the village to bring some brightness to that side of the photo. Near the bottom corner put to dogs to juxtapose each other, one abandoned dog form the village, looking very lonely, on the hand is a clean well taken cared for dog, running around. To wrap up this photo i added a stream of water and traffic lights coming from near the dragon and ending with a splash of water i put near the dog. I wanted the red traffic light to represent the Chinese culture, and the blue water to represent the American culture, and the splash to represent the culture clash, which is what the whole photo is about.