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Simple Things

Compositional Techniques
Rule of Thirds

Point of View

Leading Lines


Reflections and Shadows






One photo that shows my improvement as a photographer:
I believe this photo demonstrates clearly how I have improved in my photography skills. In this portrait i took into account many things that I would never even have considered before taking this class. For example, I made sure that I knew which direction the light was coming from, and made sure that this light hit the subject's face in an appealing way. I also took into account the subject's eyes. By having the subject focus on something off-camera, I made the photo more mysterious and interesting. The background was also purposefully chosen as something that would not distract from the subject of the photo. I also took into account the rule of thirds, making sure that the subject was not in the center of the image, and that her face fell into a division of the rule of thirds. Before taking this class, I probably would have just snapped a photo of the subject in the center of the image, without hesitating to consider lighting, eye contact, background, and other such things.

Photos in the style of Walker Evans

Village Photos

Culture Clash Photoshop Image
This "culture clash" compilation is meant to show the relationship between the cultures of China and the USA. I believe that while they are very different, they can coexist. I myself am a "halfie", a mix between a Chinese mother and an American father, so in a way my entire life has been a clash between two separate cultures. In the photo, I showed this by depicting a school setting. The base image was a picture of the frontal entrance of the International School of Beijing, with the buses lined up neatly. I also put in a typical American school bus in order to juxtapose the two cultures, and show that both are alike in that they use similar modes of educational transportation. Another thing I added was an image of a local Chinese woman riding her tricycle vehicle, as it highlights the stark contrast between our modern school and the poor village sitting beside it. The image of a Chinese boy from the village playing with a dog achieves the same effect. Behind all of this I edited in a backdrop of New York City, and the fact that it sort of fits in the picture and doesn't look too out of place shows that our cultures can intertwine successfully. The national flags of both countries, as well as the bald eagle are symbols of their respective nations. By adding an american boy skateboarding and an ancient chinese tower behind him, I hoped also to compare and contrast both cultures. I added shadows myself to the boy and the dog, the lady on the tricycle, the eagle, and the American school bus in order to make the picture look more realistic.