Photo 2.0

Refers to all the cool free technology sites out there to support, expand and inspire our love of photography. On this page we can place examples of ways to learn more about digital imaging and to improve our photographer's eye...

Get your shots to Move!!

You are lucky if you have an Iphone! Here are great apps to make your photos more than awesome!

Photo Fun better than a" barrell of monkeys" this site will keep you occupied for hours making photo mosaics, pop art posters, hockneyizing etc all with your own photos

Voice Thread:

A site where you can view others or upload your own photos and make comments about them. I found the art history timeline we worked on at


You all know this site started in 2005 which is an amazing reference for how to's and who is doing what in every area of human activity. We use it within the field of photography and photo manipulations for examples, inspirations and great tutorials. Here are just a few that inspired me.


As you well know they are on every subject imaginable. here's how it works...

Podcasts can be downloaded about digital imagery and photoshop so you can learn while on the go.You download them from sites like itunes.

Animoto: This is the site we used to make our digital portfolios animated at the end of the semester

Polaroid It:

Make your own polaroids! it is heaps of fun.


Obamicon yourself Shepard Fairey style at this web site:

Here is a quick, free and easy application to spice up your photos


Want to create gigantic wall size blow ups of one of your photos? Get your printer ready and go to this site


Photo Fun 25 more websites with free photo manipulations


Photojojo! the title says it all everything you never thought of doing with your photographs you can find on this site. Great camera accessories too


Try making a lenticular!


10 Fabulous fun things to do with your camera