Syllabus: Visual ArtsCourse 607: Digital Imagery, Grades 9-12
Credit: One half

In this semester course students will learn how to use their digital cameras to capture, store, manipulate and transform images. They will begin to learn what is necessary in order to create strong compositions in photography. They will share what they do on their wikispace and will critique their own work and the work of others in the class and in other photo classrooms in different parts of the world. They will use the technique of light painting as a way to transform their everyday and will share what they do with a global collaboration of photo students. They will research master photographers and produce a portfolio of work in the style of one of those artists. They will work as photojournalists documenting the Chinese village life by ISB. Through a number of self and student directed tutorials they will understand how to use the powerful imaging software program, Adobe Photoshop. In the process of learning how images are manipulated by the computer, scanner and camera the students will become more conscious of the impact of visual imagery in our culture. Students must have a digital camera of their own at the beginning of the course.


The Lens as Eye/Learning to see as a photographers see


Masterful Inspirations

Photojournalism in the village

Recreating Reality/Transformational imagery using photoshop


Class projects 80%

Research assignments and Journal 20%

Class wikispaces with your pages and assignments: